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Bubble Tea Training

Two glasses being filled with Thai Tea and Milk with Boba

Karat® by Lollicup™ provides training for clients looking to learn more about bubble tea and boba. Karat professional trainers will give you the inside scoop on the company’s specialty drinks, as well as valuable information on how to operate your business.

Program Overview
Karat® by Lollicup™ provides various training programs to suit your needs. Please read below to find out more information.
Basic Training
Bubble Tea 101

This virtual course on bubble tea is designed to show beginners how to brew tea, make boba, and craft basic beverages. Included in this package is a bundle of ingredients needed to follow along online.

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Advanced Training
Bubble Tea 102: Creative Drinks

This training provides a walkthrough on how to prepare and present several drinks that may attract sales and social media attention. The prerequisite for this course is Bubble Tea 101. Participants should already understand how to brew teas, prepare boba, and make basic drinks.

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Beverage Training

An online course led by expert trainers for specific brands. In the beverage training course, the instructors will demonstrate delicious recipes and new hot flavor trends.

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