Latest News

Latest News

Container Excess Dwell Fee and Raw Material Shortage Impacts Karat Customers

All across the supply chain, from raw material to production to transport, there is a snowball effect that is leading to price increases at every point.

Choosing Paper Cups

Paper cups are an essential restaurant supply, but there are so many choices…This guide presents the differences between paper cups…

Black Restaurant Supplies

The color black evokes a feeling of sophistication and luxury. Although not all businesses have the brand power of Tiffany & Co. nor Haagen-Dazs, even small foodservice establishments can create the perception of luxury and premium value with the use of black restaurant supplies.

Bubble Tea 101 Training Is Back

These vendors are experts in foodservice and can help answer any questions to help business owners…

Karat Eco-Friendly Initiative Continues

Since the inception of the Karat Earth brand, it has been a goal of Karat by Lollicup to make environmentally friendly choices easy for everyone.

Rising Cost of Ocean Freight Affect Karat Products

Never has the global supply chain experienced such overwhelming demand nor exponential cost increases that it has this past year…

To-Go Packaging Driven by Consumer Demand

Now businesses must learn to accept and build on pandemic operations seeing that they’re here to stay.

The Karat Guide to Going Green

As more cities begin to ban single-use plastics, the push for environmentally friendly restaurant supplies is bigger than ever.

Tamper-Evident Products

Save money and ensure peace of mind for customers with tamper evident products!

Selecting Take Out Containers

This cheat sheet will tell you everything you should know when buying these quintessential restaurant supplies.

Global Supply Chain Issues Affect Karat by Lollicup

Karat® by Lollicup is trying its best to maintain service and supply during this challenging time…

Karat Earth: The Eco-Friendly Brand

Karat Earth’s mission is to make eco-friendly foodservice disposables easily accessible for all customers.

How to Open Boba Shop

With a renewed love for bubble tea, you may be interested in to learn what it takes to open your own boba shop.

Utensils 101

Find a complete breakdown of all the considerations to make when completing your next purchase. 

Karat by Lollicup Acquires 6th US Distribution Center

Karat® by Lollicup entered a definitive merger agreement to acquire Pacific Cup, Inc.

CPLA Utensils

What is CPLA? Restaurants can take this greener initiative by switching their to-go items from plastic to plant sourced materials.

2021 Vendor Webinar Series

These vendors are experts in foodservice and can help answer any questions to help business owners…

Sugarcane Bagasse

What is Bagasse? Bagasse is the byproduct of harvesting sugarcane that was previously thrown away or burned. Now, this plant fiber has gained several uses as an alternative resource for fuel, paper, and tableware resulting in a reduced impact on pollution and energy consumption. It is a growing trend as environmentally conscious consumers are driving […]

2020 Virtual Holiday Event

Karat® by LollicupTM shows employee appreciation every year with a fun end of year annual event; employees, family, vendor partners and management used to gather together to eat amazing food and relish in the year past. Regretfully, the Company made the heavy decision to cancel the typical holiday event in 2020. However, it was important […]

Karat® by Lollicup™ Donates Millions of Personal Protective Gear

This month, Karat® by LollicupTM is donating over 2,000,000 face masks, 31,000 bottles of sanitizer, and 20,000 face shields to organizations across Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino County. The company teamed up with Assemblyman Phillip Chen, Councilman Paul Cheng, and U.S. Congress Candidate for California’s 39th District Young Kim to coordinate personal protective gear […]

New Warehouse Opened in Branchburg, NJ

In 2019 Karat® by LollicupTM broke ground in Branchburg, NJ to build a large brand-new distribution facility. The new warehouse is finally complete and will begin accepting orders on Monday, July 20th. We are now located at : Karat® by LollicupTM 140 Meister Ave Branchburg, NJ 08876 Phone: 732.540.8207 Fax: 848.235.5581 Previously located in Avenel, […]

Support for Local Sheriff Stations

The nation is hurting. Many people are rightfully angered by the actions of several bad cops yet have then turned against the whole institution of law enforcement. We believe that not every cop is bad, and we support our local police force. As a small gesture of gratitude to our police men and women, Karat® […]

Partner Highlight: 1883 Maison Routin Brings Premium, Authentic Flavors to Consumers

Some of the latest trends in beverage flavors have made it a challenge for store owners and research and development teams to find the right syrups for their drinks. Today, adventurous and authentic flavors are what consumers seek. These specialty flavors have led to a rise in the popularity of the premium syrup market. Many […]

Partner Highlight: Commonly Asked Questions on Caffe D’Vita

Commonly Asked Questions on Caffe D’Vita Caffe D’Vita is arguably the world’s most recognized line of coffee-related mixes. This is due to its commercial success in both retail and foodservice. Customers in both sectors have enjoyed the taste of their products. What does their premium foodservice product cover? Their premium foodservice products cover: HOT COLD […]

Karat® by Lollicup’s Coronavirus Response

Karat® by Lollicup™ is fortunate to be one of the essential businesses that continue to provide important products to other companies, frontline workers, and anyone else coping with this coronavirus pandemic. As our team works to serve others, Karat® by Lollicup™ is working to support our team. We are committed to always caring for our […]

Karat® by™ Lollicup Celebrates 20th Year Anniversary

Karat® by Lollicup™ will be starting the new year celebrating their 20th anniversary. Karat® by Lollicup™ has grown from being a pioneer in the bubble tea business to being one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality foodservice products in the North American region. Karat® by Lollicup™ continues to experience continued growth of sales […]

Plant A Tree

Karat by Lollicup partnered with Claremont Green Crew for their Arbor Day Celebration on March 30th. A few employees attended the celebration on behalf of Karat by Lollicup to donate their time, drinks and cups to help the Claremont Green Crew. They donated Tea Zone tea and Karat Earth cups which are compostable in facilities. […]

Manufacturing with Karat by Lollicup USA, Inc.

Over the past 4 years Karat® has dedicated time and thought to it’s manufacturing process. October 5th was national manufacturing day and is celebrated throughout all of October to shed light on the manufacturing process. Manufacturing creates more jobs and boost the American economy and Karat is proud to contribute to this process. We manufacture select […]

Make an Impact! Go Green with Paper Straws

Making headlines across the country is one thing you might not expect, it’s an item we use every day and most people don’t even think twice about it. Of course, we’re talking about straws. If you’re in California, you’ll know about the recently implemented straw ban that restricts the use of plastic straws in the […]

Lollicup Hosts Annual Family Day to Celebrate Employees

Every year Lollicup USA Inc. gives back to their employees and hosts an event where employees have the opportunity to introduce their work family to their home family. This year Lollicup celebrated their employees with a casual fun event at a local private park for Labor Day Weekend to help employees feel like a kid […]

Karat® by Lollicup® USA, Inc. Beach Clean-Up

Karat® by Lollicup® USA, Inc. gives back! Karat® by Lollicup® USA, Inc. first ever beach clean-up was a success! Over 40 employees showed up with friends and family to help tackle ocean pollution. Lollicup employees show that they care about the environment by donating their time and effort to help clean Huntington State Beach. Many […]

Community Clean Up Day

A group of employees teamed up at our Chino, CA location to help follow our companies initiatives to be more Eco-friendly. With thought about how they could help, they decided to go to a local park to pick up trash as a small step to start. In fact, the average American throws away more than […]

What is PLA Plastic?

The field stretches for miles and the tall stocks gently blow in the breeze. They are waiting to be harvested, but these stalks will not be used for human consumption or even livestock. This stalk is part of a new generation that will be used as a renewable resource. This is not a new concept, […]